Majors and Minors as Registered by the New York State Education Department


The index below indicates the full range of majors and minors offered in the College of Arts and Science. Individual courses are described under each departmental section of the Bulletin. See also the preprofessional, accelerated, and specialized programs section of this Bulletin. The B.A. degree is offered in all the majors listed below except in engineering (offered as dual degree only), neural science, and global public health/science (concentration in biology or chemistry), which only confer the B.S. degree.

The B.S. degree is an option in the majors in chemistry and physics; as part of the dual degree B.S./B.S. program with the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, it is offered in these two departments as well as in biology, computer science, and mathematics.

Unless otherwise noted, both majors and minors are available in the following:

HEGIS* number
Africana Studies2211
American Studies0313
Ancient Studies (minor only)
Animal Studies (minor only)
Anthropology and Classical Civilization(major only)2299
Anthropology and Linguistics (major only)4903
Art History1003
Art History and Classics (major only)1504
Asian/Pacific/American Studies0399
Astronomy (minor only)
Biochemistry (major only)0414
Business Studies (minor only; through the College of Arts and Science and the Stern School of Business)
Chemistry (B.A. or B.S.)1905
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies (minor only)
Chinese (minor only)
Cinema Studies (through the Tisch School of the Arts and the College of Arts and Science)1010
Classical Civilization2203
Classical Civilization and Hellenic Studies (major only) 1504
Classics (major only)1504
Comparative Literature1503
Computer Science0701
Computer Science and Economics (major only)0799
Computer Science and Mathematics1799
Creative Writing (minor only)
Creative Writing in Spanish (minor only)
Dramatic Literature1007
East Asian Civilization (minor only)
East Asian Studies0302
Economics and Mathematics (major only)1799
Engineering (majors only; B.S. only)
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering0401/1905
Civil Engineering1701/1902
Computer Engineering0701/1701/1902
Electrical Engineering0701/1701/1902
Mechanical Engineering701/1902
English and American Literature1502
Environmental Biology (minor only)
Environmental Studies0420
European and Mediterranean Studies0310
Francophone Studies (minor only)
French and Linguistics (major only)1199
French Literature in Translation (minor only)
Gender and Sexuality Studies4903
Genetics (minor only)
Genomics and Bioinformatics (minor only)
German and Linguistics (major only)1199
German Literature and Culture1103
Global Public Health/Anthropology (major only)1214
Global Public Health/History (major only)1214
Global Public Health/Science, Concentration in Biology (major only; B.S. only)1214
Global Public Health/Science, Concentration in Chemistry (major only; B.S. only)1214
Global Public Health/Sociology (major only)1214
Hebrew and Judaic Studies0399
Hellenic Studies0399
Iberian Studies0399
International Relations (major only)2210
Irish Studies (minor only)
Italian and Linguistics (major only)1199
Japanese (minor only)
Journalism (major only)0602
Korean (minor only)
Language and Mind (major only)4903
Latin American Studies0308
Latino Studies0308
Law and Society (minor only)
Literature in Translation (minor only)
Luso-Brazilian Language and Literature1199
Medieval and Renaissance Studies4903
Metropolitan Studies2214
Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies0309
Molecular and Cell Biology (minor only)
Neural Science (major only; B.S. only)0425
Physics (B.A. or B.S.)1902
Public Policy (through theWagner School of Public Service and the College of Arts and Science;no CAS minor)2299
Religious Studies1510
Romance Languages (major only) 1101
Russian and Slavic Studies1106
Science and Society (minor only)
Self-Designed Major4901
Social and Cultural Analysis2299
South Asian Studies (minor only)
Spanish and Latin American Literatures and Cultures (major only)1105
Spanish and Linguistics (major only)1199
Urban Design and Architecture Studies2214
Web Applications (minor only)

Also available to students in the College are several minors offered in other divisions of New York University. For more information, see the cross-school minors section of this Bulletin.

This Bulletin contains descriptions of the College's departments, programs, and courses. The first part of every course number identifies the department or program offering or cross-listing the course (for example, ARTH for art history). This is always followed by a two-letter suffix. The suffix "UA" indicates undergraduate courses offered in the College; "GA" indicates a graduate course offered by the Graduate School of Arts and Science. The numeric identifier comes last (for example, a complete course rubric would be ARTH-UA 677).

Graduate courses open to qualified undergraduates are designated by the departments. The departmental policy in this matter may be indicated either in this Bulletin or in the Graduate School of Arts and Science Bulletin; interested students are also advised to check directly with the relevant departments.

*HEGIS: Higher Education General Information Survey

Degree and Certificate Programs as registered by the New York State Education Department.

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